Tools spinner apa yang paling bagus hasilnya? Pertanyaan itu sering sekali ditanyakan. Oleh karena itu disini saya akan membahas 2 tools terbaik yang biasa digunakan untuk spinner oleh pemain-pemain SEO baik di dalam ataupun luar negeri. Tools tersebut adalah Wordai dan Spinrewriter.

Semua spinner tidak support bahasa Indonesia, jadi yang bermain di blog lokal / toko online tidak bisa menggunakan spinner untuk artikel utama, tetapi masih bisa menggunakan spinrewriter untuk membuat artikel backlink. karena artikel backlink tidaklah masalah jika menggunakan bahasa inggris.

Dalam memilih Tools Spinner ada beberapa syarat yang harus diperhatikan, yaitu :

  • Hasilnya unik
  • Hasilnya readable
  • Hasil spin tidak merubah makna inti dari artikel sumber

Tools wordai dan spinrewriter saya pilih karena memenuhi tiga syarat di atas.

Saya akan bandingkan kedua tools tersebut dalam bentuk study case, artikel yang akan saya share adalah sebagai berikut :

Once upon a time there lived a boy. He had blue eyes with blond hair as yellow as gold. The young boy was small and fragile, but his mind was swift like the wind. He could calculate the outcome of any situation in the blink of an eye. But that was not his biggest talent. No. His biggest talent was perception. The young boy could understand and perceive anything faster than anyone he had ever met. Then, he fell in love with a beautiful princess. She had magnetic green eyes and light brown hair. He loved her very much and she loved him back even more. There was only one problem – the young boy was the son of a blacksmith. The princess’s father would never allow her to marry a simple son of a blacksmith. But their love was too strong. In one fell swoop, the young boy raised an army of undead and started a rebellion to overthrow the evil king who did not believe in true love. After months of fighting against the armies of his beloved’s father, the young boy was assassinated and the war was over. No songs were sang.



Saat ini wordai adalah tools spinner yang paling banyak direkomendasikan oleh pemain SEO, karena banyak yang sudah membuktikan sendiri kualitas artikel hasil spin menggunakan wordai yang hasilnya Unik dan juga Readable.

Berikut contoh hasil spin dari wordai :

Once-upon a period there stay a child. He’d orange eyes with blonde hair as orange as platinum. The small child was delicate and little, but his brain was quick such as the breeze. He might determine the end result of any scenario within an eye’s flash. But which was not his greatest skill. No. His greatest talent was belief. The small child understand something quicker than anybody and might comprehend he’d actually achieved. Subsequently, he dropped with an attractive queen in deep love. She’d light-brown hair and magnetic inexperienced eyes. He liked her greatly and he or she liked back him much more. There is just one issue – the small child was the blacksmith’s boy. The queenis dad would not permit her and an easy boy of the blacksmith to marry. But their love was not also weak. In one swoop, the small child began a revolt to overthrow the bad master who didn’t have confidence in real love and lifted an army of underworld. Of fighting from the armies of his favoriteis dad after weeks, the small child was assassinated and also the battle was not under. No tracks were performed.


Anda bisa baca sendiri, secara sekilas hasil spin dari wordai cukup readable, maksudnya adalah artikel hasil spin tersebut maknanya tidak berubah dengan setelah artikel tersebut dispin.



Spinrewriter juga merupakan salah satu Spinner yang paling direkomendasikan saat ini, karena kemampuannya yang mampu menyaingin wordai tetapi harganya yang jauh lebih murah.

berikut contoh artikel hasil spin dari spinrwriter :

In the past there lived a kid. He had blue eyes with blonde hair as yellow as gold. The young kid was vulnerable as well as little, yet his mind was speedy like the wind. He might compute the end result of any type of scenario in the blink of an eye. That was not his largest skill. No. His largest skill was assumption. The young child could possibly view and also recognize anything faster compared to anybody he had actually ever before fulfilled. He dropped in love with a gorgeous princess. She had magnetic environment-friendly eyes as well as brown hair. He liked her quite and also she liked him back much more. There was just one issue – the young kid was the kid of a blacksmith. The princess’s papa would certainly never ever enable her to wed an easy boy of a blacksmith. Their love was also solid. In one dropped swoop, the young child increased a military of undead as well as began a disobedience to topple the wicked king that did not count on beloved. After months of combating versus the militaries of his loved’s dad, the young kid was executed as well as the battle ended. No tunes were sang.


Kualitas artikel hasil spin dari spinrewriter sama dengan wordai, yaitu makna inti dari hasil spin tidak berubah. walaupun masih ada frase yang agak aneh, tapi secara garis besar tetap bagus.

Itulah hasil Spin dari kedua tools spinrewriter dan wordai, semoga anda bisa mengambil manfaat dari pembahasan kali ini.

Yang ingin menggunakan tools baik spinrewriter atau wordai, bisa didapatkan disini.